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Were Sufi saints sent by Muslim rulers to India?

Is Taj Mahal a Hindu Temple?

No, Mughals didn’t loot us. They made us rich

Were Muslim Rulers Iconoclasts?

Truth behind tales of Temple destruction

Why Was Somanatha Raided by Mahmud of Ghazni?

Aurangzeb, Mohammed Ghaznavi, Shivaji and Tipu Sultan

BJP’s attempt to poison the past

The Muslim rule in India

‘It’s a myth that Muslim rulers destroyed thousands of temples’

Hindu Kush means Hindu Slaughter?

Nailing a Lie: Tipu Sultan and the demolition of the Hariharesvara Temple

Tipu Sultan: Communal harmony and Secularism

Aurangzeb Alamgir: An Indian pride

Was Aurangzeb the most evil ruler India has ever had?

A ‘miser’ who donated generously




Contribution of Muslim Scientists to India

फतवा और मीडिया प्रोपगंडा (ज़रूर पढ़ें)

The vanishing Hindus of Pakistan – A Demographic study

Hinduism in world’s largest Muslim majority country

Muslims condemn Terrorism

Riots in Gujarat post 2002 and communal riots in BJP ruled states

Innocent Muslims spending years in jails on false terror charges

Hindus spying for Pakistan

Madrasas in India: A Historical Perspective

Socio-economic factors, not religion, influence India’s fertility rate and population growth

Distortion of Muslim population figures in India

How Islamic inventors changed the world

Are most terrorists in India Muslims?

Facts about Hajj Subsidy

Now Hindu jehadis

Subsidy for Hindu pilgrims

Indian Muslim martyrs

“Are you Hindu first or Indian first?”



Does Islam say that Sun sets in Murky Water?

Does Islam consider women equal to dogs?

Rebuttal to ‘Muhammad (S.A.W) drank wine and performed ablution with it

False report about the Earth being placed on the back of the bull

क्या इस्लाम कुत्तों को मारने की शिक्षा देता है? एक हिन्दू ब्लॉग को उत्तर

Circumcision of Women

Are Muslims commanded to fight until everyone submits to Islam?

His accusations adressed

Non Muslims paying Jizya in state of Humiliation

Taqiyya and Kitman: Deception to propagate Islam?

Saffiya, The Jewish wife of Muhammad [S.A.W]

The Incurable Hindu Fondness for PN Oak

Is Kaaba a Hindu temple?

Do Muslims worship the Kaaba or Black Stone?

Books Refuting Arya Samajis

Bismillah – Clearing the Confusion

Is Halala marriage permitted in Islam?

Rebuttals to Agniveer


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