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Rebuttal to Muhammad (S.A.W) drank wine and performed ablution with it

The article first brings up hadiths trying to prove Muhammad drank wine:They said:
“Sahih Muslim: “Drinks, Drinking wine and fermentation”
Narrated by Gaber bin Abdullah:
We were with the messenger of Allah, PBUH and he asked for a drink. One of his men said: “Oh Messenger of Allah, Can we offer you wine to drink?” He said Yes. He (Gaber) went out looking for the drink and came back with a cup of wine. The messenger (Peace Be Upon him) asked, “Have you covered it with a twig in a transverse manner” He (Gaber) said, “Yes” and he (Muhammad) drank. Sahih Muslim – Hadith #3753
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False reports about the earth being placed on the back of a bull

I came across a report which says that the earth is placed on the back of a bull, and when the bull moves its head, earthquakes happen. I think that I saw this in Ibn Katheer (2/39 and 1/50). Can you explain this?

Published Date: 2015-12-05

Praise be to Allah

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