Monthly Archives: April 2016

Muslims condemn Terrorism

posted by Sulaiman Razvi

Muslims are often criticized for not condemning terrorist attack perpetrated by ‘Fellow’ Muslims. Islamophobes gives this statement even when thousands of Muslim scholars and millions of Muslims condemn terrorism. Interestingly, more number of Muslim scholars have condemned terrorism so far than the total strength of ISIS terrorists. But this doesn’t seem to convince Islamophobes that Muslims or Islam has nothing to do with terrorism because Islamophobes are bent on declaring every single Muslim to be a terrorist. Ironically even if a single terrorist says something against non Muslim then Islamophobes takes it as strong evidence of Islam’s intolerance towards non Muslims but they keep mum or ignore when hundreds and thousands of Muslim scholars condemn the wrong doings. ISIS has destroyed mosques belonging to both Shia and Sunni, killed Muslim scholars, vowed to destroy Muslim’s most holy site Kaba, kills more Muslims than non Muslims and yet Islamophobes calls them ‘Islamic’, Islam prohibits shedding blood of a Non Muslim leave aside killing Muslims. If a Muslim doesn’t condemn the terrorist attack then he is termed Terrorist or terrorist sympathizer and if a Muslim condemns the terrorist attack then Islamophobes calls him a liar ‘who is lying to further his religion’.

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